Strip To It

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Album Review by Nigel A. Messenger

This is a fairly unusual CD because the intention is for it to be used as music to literally learn to strip to. It’s really aimed at couples or I guess anyone who fancies getting into erotic dancing.

As a basic introduction to exotic dancing it’s actually pretty good as it gives a variety of fast and slow music a lot of which is voiced by a suitably sexy (actually very sexy) female voice.

There is also an enhanced section to the CD with a few instructional videos of some dancers explaining and demonstrating stripping techniques.

The videos are a fairly low picture quality, I used windows media player to view them, but do their job of explaining some basic strippers moves very well.

Overall the STRIP TO IT CD is a fun idea that might spice up some people’s sex lives or even give a few tips to your girlfriend if she’s thinking about entering a naughty little talent contest. Bear in mind that this is just a music CD with some extra video footage for your computer and not a full blown DVD (although I understand a DVD is planned) and you should have some fun with it – and oh yes the music is pretty good just to listen to as well!

4 stars