Stylophonic – Man Music Technology

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Album Review by EDF

Now this is what you call a dance album. The brainchild behind Stylophonic is Italian DJ Stefano Fontana and this is not your typical Euro-trash either. Mixing up a blend of modern house with old skool house, there are a few things here Stefano can teach those who have been around for a while.

VINYLSTYLOZ starts the album off to a driving dance beat. BREAK @ 100BPM starts off with a bass-line reminiscent of the one used on the Nena track 99 RED BALLOONS but that is the only thing familiar to be heard on this funky track. SOULREPLY is Stefano’s take of Spiller’s GROOVEJET while the STYLO ACID PHONIC skit takes us back to the late 80’s 303, acid house sound but is followed by BIZARRE MIND, a funky bass flavoured house track.

ALL NITE LONG is a thumping dance track followed by DA SYMPHONY, a house track that has every right to be released as a single. GAME OVER is not the last track on the album but should be big on the dance floor but the highlight of the album is also the most unusual. IF EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD LOVED EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD, to give it its full title, is nothing short but remarkable. What could be seen as an anti-war song, this is the sort of tune that Moby should have come up with on his PLAY album.

While the likes of The Chemical Brothers and Paul Oakenfold have failed to excite with their latest releases, Fontana has gone back to basics and has produced a dance album that does not fail to excite even after repeated listens. Stylophonic should be the big name in dance for 2003.

6 stars