Sugarush Beat Company – Love Breed

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Music Review by Natalie Homer

“The most exciting soul-rock alchemists since Sly & The Family Stone” Sunday Times Culture. I couldn’t have put it any better.

This album defies easy categorisation. Its psychedelic funk, dark beauty, upbeat and elasticated grooves evoke musical mavericks such as Prince, Nerd and Outkast without letting the listener ever easily pigeon hole the sounds.

The three members of SugaRush Beat Company hail from three different continents and span four countries. Not the most obvious formula for a band, but then SBC is no ordinary band. The group comprises of Rahsaan Petterson, a critically lauded soul singer based in LA, Ida Corr -a Danish Electro / Soul singer and Australian born, UK-based Jaz Rogers.

Jaz, the songwriter, producer, multi instrumentalist and mastermind behind the project is fast becoming one of the most sought after producers and writers in the UK, having recently co-written and produced a large part of Bryn Christopher’s highly touted album. He has also worked on tracks for Lauryn Hill’s anticipated album. In fact, none other than Pharrell Williams and Timbaland, two of the highest profile producers in the world were so impressed with Jaz and SugaRush that he is now flying to the US this summer to meet them and discuss future collaborations.

THEY SAID I SAID has already become established as a firm live favourite with its infectious chorus and 60’s influenced hook, led by Ida Corr’s sugar-coated vocals. LOVE BREED is a yummy slice of euphoric pop. L-O-V-E is the perfect summer rouser with its stabbing brass section and intriguing interplay between the two vocal parts.

Best described on the band’s website as being like a brief history of R&B, only turned upside down, twisted, stretched and re-envisaged with a Technicolor® imagination, it’s a non-stop soul train with a different party going on in each carriage.

Supernatural grooves meet Harlem shuffle in a sweltering underground room of ghetto funk. In a word: brilliant. I challenge anyone to deny the infectious beats. This will have you tapping your toes and nodding your head like a backseat plastic car-dog.

Euphoric and life affirming tunes that are impossible to resist. My gosh, I love it.

6 stars