Supercharged – Various Artists

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Album Review by Nigel A. Messenger

We constantly see ‘Various Artists’ collections being released onto this saturated section of the market and most of the time the selection of tracks are mediocre at best usually with just a couple of good tracks to tempt us into a purchase.

Occasionally though an exception happens, one that breaks the rules and strings together a whole selection of really good music and some exceptionally outstanding tracks.

SUPERCHARGED is one of those exceptions – one CD – 20 tracks from 20 different artists.

The genre is described as nu-metal although I would argue that only some of the artists fit that description, the rest being a mixture of either rock or possibly just metal depending on how specific you want to get.

In any case the CD is definitely a powerhouse and while I hesitate in singling out specific tracks as being the outstanding ones (because they are all so good) I can’t resist mentioning Marilyn Manson’s – THE FIGHT SONG, Rammstein’s – ICH WILL and Nickelback’s – HOW YOU REMIND ME.

You’ll probably find yourself running out and buying up the individual artists’ albums after you’ve played SUPERCHARGED two or three times but you still won’t regret getting this excellent collection.

6 stars