Sweet Female Attitude – Flowers

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

The Manchester duo of 20 year-old Leanne and 19 year-old Catherine have been turning heads on the UK club scene since before Christmas and FLOWERS has found its way onto the playlists of Radio 1, Kiss and numerous London pirate radio stations.

Produced by MOBO (ex-Brand New Heavies keyboardist Ceri Evans), and signed to Cutfather & Joe’s Milkk Records (producers of such musical dignitaries as Five, Westlife and Another Level), the track has been a huge club success.

Unfortunately, I can’t decide which I hate more: garage music or acid jazz. Since this is a “garage anthem” through and through (in other words it limps along, going absolutely nowhere), it automatically qualifies for pride of place in my bin, I’m afraid.

Sweet FA? I’m afraid that’s pretty much all they’ll get from me.

2 stars