Table Dreams – We’re Driving

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Album Review by EDF

It is quite heart warming and wonderful when reading the first paragraph of the Table Dreams biography, informing you that members of the group have all emigrated to the US from Russia. During their five year history, various members have come and gone but the heart of this group has always revolved around Dmitry Azarov on vocals/bass and Vadim Budin on guitar.

Opening track INTRO (TRAINS) begins with a repetitive guitar string picking followed by bass, convincingly conveying movement. This is by no means an indication to what the rest of the album sounds like. NEW YORK is like a 70’s punk tune until it evolves into a metal-like chorus and an acoustic bridge. The only thing I can say about WOMEN’S LOVE is that it’s hard to hate this very odd song thanks to the enthusiastic energy that it gives out. L TRAIN is a seedy commuter’s fantasy to what he would do to an unknown female commuter.

Hitting more to home is the pure rock out IMMIGRANT SONG, about the receiving of Naturalization papers and how now he can move out of his rat infested apartment and lose his Russian accent. The title track is the hilariously worrying prospect of dying in their car while out for a drive. A somewhat chaotic musical car wreck compliments the lyrical paranoia. ASTRONAUT is sung in Russian and is a bit of a mystery but at least it rocks which is a definite advantage. To round off the album is the instrumental GREIG, a somewhat loud appreciation to his famous IN THE HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING.

Most of the tracks feature an out of context instrumental break that really showcases more what Table Dreams are capable of live. At times their raw sound is complimented by some interesting twists within each track, enticing you to listen to the very end.

5 stars