Tall Tin Box – God’s Love

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Single Reviews by Mark Bayross and EDF

Review by Mark Bayross

What’s this? Tall Tin Box? Never heard of ‘em. Well, you’ve heard of Tall Paul, Tin Tin Out and Black Box, haven’t you? This is a collaboration between “Tall” Paul Newman, Darren Stokes of Tin Tin Out and Daniele Davoli of (“Whatever Happened To…?”) Black Box. Neat,huh?

GOD’S LOVE, as its name suggests, is a euphoric slab of thumping house, allegedly inspired by Kevin Saunderson’s remix of CAMEO’s ‘Money’, the original of which can also be heard buried in the mix.

The inevitable remixes don’t add much to the original, apart from extending the track and throwing in more beats, but the real incentive here is the opportunity to hear three masters at work.

4 stars

Review by EDF

Tall Tin Box comprises of TALL Paul Newman, TIN Darren Stokes from Tin Tin Out and BOX Daniele Davoli from Black Box. GOD’S LOVE Radio Mix is a fast pumping, hand waving track that would go down well in clubs. If the Radio Mix is too much for you, check out the Trailer Trash Mix, which I personally prefer.

3 stars