Telek – Serious Jam

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Single Review by EDF

Hailing from Papua New Guinea, Telek has brought with him a unique blend of acoustic guitar and ancestral drums such as the garamut and the kundu mixed in with his three-part harmony.

In his younger days it is said that George Telek chewed a sacred betel nut that opened his dreams to ancestral stories that influences his songs.

MIDAL tells the tale of the tanget leaf which its magic powers are used to gain a woman’s affection. The title track tells of his undying love while on IAMAGIT he has a woman on his mind. It’s good to know that this sort of problem is felt worldwide.

Differently though we have BOYSTOWN which was originally featured on the soundtrack of the same name for the documentary about crime gangs in the region. On WAITPELA GRAS the subject is all about banana skins. Honest, it’s a rough translation as the songs are sung in both the Tolai language of Kuanuan and in a Creole called Tok Pigin.

This is an impressive album that takes you away from it all. As always a top quality product from the Real World stable. Check it out.

5 stars