Thomas Simon – Sound Scape

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Album Review by EDF

Some people can see the bigger picture. Thomas Simon not only considers himself to be a composer but also a filmmaker as well. Even though he was born in Vienna, Austria, Simon is now based in New York City, a city that artists find to be inspirational. Simon’s material is percussion driven and dark and at times sounds like he is being influenced by the latest Nine Inch Nails release.

SOUND SCAPE is a mixture of ambient, gothic and industrial tracks. INSANE explores the dark side of a person’s personality and the production conveys that trip effectively. DEAD HERO is a strange mix of world percussion meets gothic overtones. The start of SOOTHE is quite misleading due to the fact that the longer the track goes on, the darker it seems to get without being menacing. By now you get a sense that the rest of the album is going to be a very dark experience and it is. NIGHTRUN starts off sounding like a Depeche Mode track and would have benefited with some kind of lyric on top of the instrumentation. STALKING and THE DISPOSAL were both featured in a movie called Black Wine and are a bit lost here on this overall dark collection of tunes. For future album releases, Simon might write some more lyrics as to gain himself a wider audience.

3 stars