Timo Maas – To Get Down

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Single Reviews by EDF and Mark Bayross

Review by EDF

Remixer Timo Maas taking time off from remixing tracks from the likes of Madonna and Placebo gets to show off what he can with one of his own tracks. The funky, guitar driven track featuring Phil Barnes on vocals has one of those annoying repetitive chorus that sticks in your mind. In fact there are only two lines in the whole song. Including remixes by the ever-reliable Fat Boy Slim, this is sure to be a huge UK hit.

5 stars

Review by Mark Bayross

It looks like 2002 could well be the year that sees German big beat meister Timo Maas leave the left field and become the Teutonic Norman Cook. Having gone from being name-checked in some pretty obscure places (see Apoptygma Bezerk’s APBL2000 live video, for one) to being asked to remix establishment names like Placebo, Kelis, Madonna and Mr Fatboy Slim himself, his forthcoming album LOUD has ‘breakthrough’ written all over it.

While TO GET DOWN is decent enough (funky guitar line, catchy vocal, thumping beat – you know the formula), there isn’t really anything here to, er, rave about. If you’re familiar with the work of Fatboy Slim (who returns the remix favours here), the Chemical Brothers or even the Utah Saints you’ll have heard this kind of stuff before.

No doubt this’ll sound fine in a club or adorning some desperately alternative skater programme on Channel 4, but as a single, this falls short of being a classic. Let’s hope he’s building up to a stonking album.

3 stars