Timo Maas – Ubik

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

“Wet and hard” is how up-and-coming DJ and mixmeister Timo Maas describes his sound. UBIK’s melodic trance-funk certainly continues this trend, but, after the surprise success of previous single, DER SCHEIBER, he has now enlisted a couple of collaborators to his stable: co-writer Martin Buttrich and mix-man Andy Bolleshon.

However, probably the most significant contribution comes from German vocalist Martin Bettinghaus, who although he’s only collaborating on this one track, adds another dimension to the sound.

Inevitably, the single comes with a raft of mixes attached, although none add anything really new to the original, except perhaps the ace Plastikman-style “The Techno” mix at the end – it’ll be a killer in the clubs.

4 stars