Tommy Guerrero – A Little Bit Of Somethin’

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Album Review by EDF

The follow-up album to 1998’s LOOSE GROOVES AND BASTARD BLUES comprises of 14 tracks from the San Francisco skateboarder.

Before you can say “loud rocking music”, this album actually delivers instrumentals of varied styles delivered with a laid back West Coast feel. Tracks like AZUCAR and SO BLUE IT’S BLACK is where influences from Santana and Bill Withers shine. Other tracks like PESCADITO and LITTLE CHIN, Guerrero guitar playing is soulful as opposed to TINY or NUMB MILLENIUM, which just seems to go nowhere.

The only other let down to this is that Guerrero relies too much on drum loops where a drummer or percussionist would have added a bit of dept to some of the tracks. These quips aside, the album is pleasant and relaxing to listen to. This reviewer would not be too surprised if Tommy Guerrero ended up scoring for movie or television.

3 stars