Torso – Naked Came The She Squid

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Album review by Natalie Homer

In this follow up album to their equally quirkily named debut PERCOLATIN WITH LUCIFER, this east coast America partnership of bassist Louis Selveitella and guitarist Lee Leffler insightfully and appreciatively burrows from the swing beats of jazz found in the track “IF YOU PREFER…” to the up tempo Latin beats which can be heard in “HERKY” and everything in between.

Additionally and uniquely, among all those flavours there is also a distinct taste of tabla-led Eastern music and African congas that add an interesting touch of the cosmic to the already chill jazz edge.

Described as a blend of jazz, broken beats and world sounds by Head of Aardvark Dance, on whose label (2headed Records) the album was released last month (Sept. 08), it features 12 instrumental songs of first take guitar and bass improvisations that pretty much live up to the label’s depiction. Fans of world fusion, post modern jazz, or even house music will find this record very appealing.

My personal favourite is the mantra-like loop of the melody that drives ULTRAVIOLET WEEKEND.

4 stars


Bombay Speedster

At The Sloan

If You Prefer…

Hammer And Chiseler



Black Hole Oasis

The Medicine Goes Down


On Top Of Old Crazy

Ultraviolet Weekend