Tragic Sense – Insides Out

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EP Review by EDF

The first 5 track EP from the Bellmore, New York duo, Tragic Sense consists of Julia Fraglas on vocals and Jordan Durante providing the music. At times sounding like Garbage, other times sounding like no other band, Tragic Sense defies categorisation.

PIECE OF ME with atmospheric backing from Durante’ guitar playing creates a haunting and menacing setting for the song’s subject matter. IN MY HEAD features an impressive, not too over the top guitar solo that makes you remember why some solos work and most do not. DADDY seems to be an attack on the way a parent has failed to understand their child, “What do I need to do to keep me from becoming just like you”.

DEAR LOVE, a slow acoustic track, is conveying a letter of sorts to the one who had dumped her. Julia Fraglas’ vocals depict someone who has got the burden of the world on her shoulders. DOWN is probably the loudest, most guitar oriented track on this EP. With a crunching riff and an effective keyboard melody in the background, this would put most metal bands to shame.

Jordan Durante’s well-sculptured beats are cleverly used and melody matched with Julia Fraglas’ lyrics and vocals make this EP an enjoyable experience and leaves the listener and yours truly wanting more.

6 stars