Tresa Street – Ain’t Nothin’ Changed

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Album Review by Annabel Bayross

Tresa Street is a modern country singer who describes her musical style as country pop with a blues edge. Undeniably Street has a very rich voice with her style of singing being a cross between Tammy Wynette and Cher. This is Street’s second album and about a third of it is her own material, the album speaking of love, life and broken hearts.

LIE TO ME is quite a modern number and her Cher-like voice comes through in this. This contrasts with NATURALLY, which comes across as a likable country tune. The fiddle and piano ballad in it creates a funky blues feel – the talent of the musicianship shines through on this track. WILD ABOUT YOU is a faster song with a driving beat, her singing is quite throaty here. NOBODY’S AN ANGEL and LOVE LETTERS are both stereotypical slow romantic ballads that really are a little too sentimental. ROCKIN’ A BABY is a catchy song with amusing lyrics, ‘I’d really like to spank ya but you’re too damn big….I’m tired of rockin’ a baby gonna roll with a real man.’ WHEN HE LEAVES YOU is another woeful ballad about the ending of love, ‘When he leaves you it’s gonna more than break your heart.’ I CAN COUNT ON YOU and AIN’T NOTHING CHANGED are both written by Street herself and offer a sensitive poetry-like quality to the album. The penultimate track SOMEBODY WILL has a very country twang to it. The rhythm is catchy and energetic which is a pleasant change from the previous few tracks.

Street is a fine singer with a strong group of musicians behind her. It will be interesting to see how her career develops.

3 stars