Trinity – What About Love

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Music Review by EDF

One of the first things that strikes you when you listen to Trinity’s WHAT ABOUT LOVE? is how well produced it is. All the songs are three to four minute breezy pop songs in the mould of Fleetwood Mac meets Heart. We are treated to tales about love lost and found and while they might sound familiar, what saves these songs is the musicianship on these songs, check the guitar solo on COULD I TRY TO LOVE YOU, simple and effective.

For this Russian trio from Novosibirsk, they have produced the sort of songs that very few artists are recording these days. Even thought some of the tracks have a slight Euro feel to them, there is no doubt that there is an audience to be found on mainland Europe. According to composer Dmitry Dronov, he has about another 120 songs ready to release. At least he is prolific and he should try them out in a live setting if he has not done already. If this is what we can expect from Trinity, hopefully we will hear some more from them soon.

4 stars