The True Party – Whazzup

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Single Review by EDF

Fresh from the ‘Let’s milk a catchphrase to death brigade’ comes one of the worst singles this year and sure enough there will be more released with Whazzup? in the title.

Unfortunately there are lyrics to this song, which does not make much of a difference, as it does not hide the fact that it’s a weak attempt from the record companies to cash in on the latest fad. It is so bad there is even a Karaoke Version. Heaven help me now.

But wait, what’s this tagged to the end of this sorry release? It’s the Austin Reynolds Mix and it tries out a funky dance beat that actually works. If this was released instead there might have been some hope.

Overall, do not buy this because in a year’s time you will come across it in your record collection and wonder why you ever bought it in the first place. You just might thank me later.

1 star