Tunng – Woodcat

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Single Review by Zoe Fox

Tunng duo, Sam Genders and Mike Lindsay, are described as folk music for city people. With parts that are pretty experimental and soft, gentle folk melodies it’s an excellent introduction for those who are unfamiliar with either of the folk or electronica genres.

WOODCAT, taken from their second album COMMENTS OF THE INNER CHORUS, is a sweet and subtle piece, with a soft whispering hypnotic feel to it. With interlocking repeating melodies that are really quite calming yet haunting.

It is an easy piece to lose yourself in, as there is something quite comfortably consuming about the way the layered vocals surround you, while the gentle plucking of the acoustic guitar gives a sense of dappled sunlight in the forest.

The electronics are somewhat juxtaposed to this with tightly gated samples, but it is this that gives that ‘city’ feel.

There are some Simon and Garfunkel moments to it but none so overpowering that it should put off those who are not Simon and Garfunkel fans. Again the times that the electronics take over are not so experimental that they should put off those who are unfamiliar with electronica music.

A treat for anyone wishing to broaden their musical horizons.

4 stars