Turn – Check My Ears

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EP Review by Mark Bayross

The latest in a line of one-word-name bands to make a bid for that rawk zone somewhere between Kerrang! and the NME, Turn’s release of CHECK MY EARS is a timely follow-up to their recent three-band tour with Seafood and Wilt.

This mini-album is also rather handy in that it collects together the Irish quartet’s three 7 “singles so far, FACEDOWN, BERETTA and BEESWAX, along with their B-sides, all of which were limited to 500 copies.

While the ragged power pop of BERETTA is a satisfyingly attention-grabbing way of kicking off proceedings, the fragility of slower tracks like TRUTH and PLAN are not well served by Ollie Cole’s painfully flat vocals and a rather plodding lack of dynamism. However, Turn do redeem themselves somewhat with the reverb-heavy BEESWAX, although the quiet-verse-loud-chorus trick ain’t exactly new.

As a document of a guitar band’s opening salvo on the music industry, this is as should be expected: three pretty strong A-sides and three unexceptional B-sides. It’s early days for Turn – at the moment they are effective but half-formed.

They get half the points, then…

3 stars