Tyrone Houston – No Boundaries

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Album Review by EDF

When I read the bio notes that Tyrone Houston is a rap artist, it is hard not to compare him to other rap artists. Listening through this album, I am glad to admit that my immediate comparison to Eminem is confined to the first track, DO ANYTHING. This Atlanta, U.S. based artist is anything but your typical rap artist. The songs are not the usual dark subjects that have no hint of hope. Whenever the lyrics bring you back down to reality and the hardships that some people go through, GET FREE offers a hint of hope. It is not just in the lyrics that this freedom comes; it also comes in the approach and styles of the songs.

The songs are mainly a fusion of rap and rock; the rock element only comes in on some of the tracks, where the rock chorus makes the song sound more dramatic. IS IT WORTH IT? has great potential as a single while LET ME KNOW featuring Amber Brooke, has great potential as a genre crossover track. Tyrone has acknowledged that his “audience is America’s youth and adults who listen to popular music”. With this album, he has managed to produce a body of work that should gain him the attention from the sort of audience he is hoping to reach.

6 stars