Untamed – Go All Out

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Album Review by EDF

Untamed is a Canadian girl group featuring sisters Alithea and Daniella Waters and Kim Moffit. What I had reviewed earlier in the PHASE9 singles section was all well good and there is no doubt that YOU’RE NOT GONNA SCORE, the first single from this album is without doubt a decent pop tune. The puzzling thing here is that the second track on this album is a French version of the first track. Well, it’s nearly all in French bar the chorus and that’s why we love CD’s so that we can quickly skip onto the third track.

GOT A LOT OF LOVE has a memorable chorus but the production seems to drown out the rest of the song. GOING GOING GONE is purely a forgettable messy fair that could have been tightened up a bit more. NOTHING IN THIS WORLD and I CAN’T REMEMBER TO FORGET slows the pace down and for once you can distinguish the individual singers. GO ALL OUT uses all the clichés heard on countless other pop records.

The start of NAME IN THE SAND promises a salsa flavoured tune that quickly turns into another pop tune featuring a Spanish guitar that only hints at the track’s potential. I DON’T WANNA KNOW is just bad, like a five-year-old Euro-disco tune. The solo vocal performances on YOU’RE THE ONE does not sound right and unnecessarily exposes just how raw their vocals could be.

GONNA GET U is Brittany territory and is one of the better tracks here as it has a lot more substance and effort than the other tracks. NO MATTER is a slight attempt at R&B and nearly works. The songs are your typical teenage pop music fair about moving your body, being there for each other, break-ups and falling in love, although not in that order. As Untamed are still very young and have the right enthusiasm, all they need is a decent producer to harness their talent so that they can capture an audience that already has a lot of similar acts to choose from.

3 stars