Utah Saints – Love Song


Single Review by Mark Bayross

After what seems an eternity Utah Saints are back. Having stormed the charts back in the early nineties with techno-rock anthems like SOMETHING GOOD, WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR ME and BELIEVE IN ME, they seemed to sit back and let The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers take over.

LOVE SONG is the first single from their forthcoming album and, while it has none of their earlier surprises (such fusing Kate Bush to Motorhead on SOMETHING GOOD), it is a decent dance tune that grows on you with repeated plays.

A driving bass line and electronically processed vocals lend the song a kind of Kraftwerk feel, but dancier. As REM’s Michael Stipe has recently stated, it’s perfect driving music. The second track is a more “housey” remix, while the Maverick Olsen mix turns the song into an eight-minute long trance piece similar to Juno Reactor or Empirion. It’s superb.

I have to say I’m very pleased to have the Utah Saints back. Apparently the album is going to be a melting pot of styles even more diverse than the first one. This single is a fairly straightforward taster. I can’t wait to see what’s round the corner.