VAST – Free

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

V.A.S.T.’s debut album VISUAL AUDIO SENSORY THEATER was one of the most stunning albums I have ever heard, mixing haunting atmosphere with monumental slabs of guitar and melodies to die for. Indeed, if you look elsewhere on PHASE9, you will find my gushing review highlighting this very sentiment.

FREE is not only the first track to be taken from V.A.S.T.’s long-awaited new album MUSIC FOR PEOPLE, but it is featured in the forthcoming film HOLLOW MAN. The single comes remixed by Chris Vrenna of Nine Inch Nails and Ben Grosse and has been produced by NIN / Smashing Pumpkins regular Alan Moulder.

The trademark hugeness of sound is still present (loads of guitars, keyboards and an oriental motif lurking at the back of the mix), although this time around main man Jon Crosby has recruited a band, and the effect has been to produce more of a straightforward song than had been previously attempted.

The central theme of the song (“You can’t tell me what to do anymore / Now I’m free…”) is also a departure into more “normal” territory, although I doubt the new album will be as mundane (as it was recorded in part with the Bombay Symphony Orchestra).

Obviously, I can’t wait…

5 stars