ViV – Flawed

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Album Review by EDF

ViV, like so many other groups around at the moment, have rediscovered the grand mix of pop lyrics and rock music that has been missing from the music scene. This U.S. band has no problems with catchy lyrics, which is mostly supplied by singer/songwriter Matt Ostrander. The opening track, FRIENDS is more heartfelt than that awful FRIENDS TV theme tune. If you don’t believe me, then how about a sample of the lyric, “I’ve got good friends, that keep me alive, when I feel dead.” On the title track, Ostrander seems to understand that not everybody is perfect, “you’re basically alright, a little flawed but that’s ok.”

The intro to BOB DYLAN SAID sounds like a mix of U2 doing “Somewhere Down The Crazy River” and is in fact the most intense song on the album. There is an underlining gloom in SHINE which is kept at bay thanks to those West Coast harmonies and a guitar solo that elevates the song to new heights and then strangely crashes back down to earth, transforming into a Celtic chill-out track. The album finishes with a pair of songs about life and love and the album ends on a note of hope. With this sort of happy ending, the album is anything but flawed and the nine tracks within will delight those who like a mix of Crowded House meets West Coast.

5 stars