Ween – Even If You Don’t

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

In what seems like a natural meeting of minds, the video for EVEN IF YOU DON’T is the latest in a long line of collaborations between sarky alt-rock wierdos Ween and SOUTH PARK creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It’s a sphere of existence both parties inhabit with harmonious synergy.

The title track is taken from Ween’s latest, rather accomplished, album, WHITE PEPPER and has their trademark acerbic humour stamped all over it. An upbeat pop tune, it is a love song twisted into a nasty, acidic affront to serial infidelity, told, naturally from the hapless victim’s point of view.

The song is backed by CORNBREAD RED, a violin-led hillybilly country tune that is doubtless intended to head straight to Middle America’s “offended” nerve centre. The fact that it winds up swamped in trippy psychedelic space-effects, then reappears in extended “dub” form only serves to baffle even more.

A strange little record. 24 carat Ween, then.

3 stars