Whitesnake – Early Years

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Album Review by EDF

Following on from last year’s David Coverdale and Whitesnake compilation, it seems fitting for a compilation to concentrate on Whitesnake’s early years. With the likes of The Darkness gaining column inches, it is only fitting that we get a look at one of the UK’s best blues influenced rock groups. Whitesnake were formed in 1977 but it would be another ten years before they broke it big in the States. We’re not going to worry about that right now and we will instead just concentrate on the music during the group’s formative years.

Coverdale had the blues and wanted to include it in his music. There are times when listening to this that comparisons to Led Zeppelin are hard not to make. Tracks such as SWEET TALKER and the more commercial sounding WOULD I LIE TO YOU are such culprits and you can forgive them for it. When you place those tracks alongside TROUBLE, the messy title track from their first album released in 1978, you can hear that the group had already progressed in leaps and bounds. The mix of Hammond organ and guitar on DON’T BREAK MY HEART AGAIN makes this one of the tracks that every rock fan should check out.

What might surprise those who are new to the early years of the group is the original version of their 1987 hit HERE I GO AGAIN. This is a slowed down version but still packs a punch. Just when you are about to get used to the Whitesnake sound, you are thrown off course by the boogie-woogie piano intro on WINE WOMEN AN’ SONG. The inclusion of three live tracks from the classic “Live In The Heart Of The City” album is justified and showcases what a great live group Whitesnake were back then. The classic AIN’T NO LOVE IN THE HEART OF THE CITY is included as a live track and so is FOOL FOR YOUR LOVING. If you are looking for an alternative to playing your Darkness CD, buy this, be amazed that music was ever this good and throw away that fool Darkness album.

5 stars