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Concert Review by Jonathan Milton

The Barfly, London

The Barfly was packed out for the gig, which in itself is no spectacular feat but still commendable, especially considering support band Fat Dragon’s lead singer was dressed up for the lead part in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. I began to worry that I might spill someone’s pint of Moloko and some ultra violence might kick off. Fortunately for me fiction didn’t cross over into fact and I just watched the gig.

I have to confess when Wilt came on stage, I was convinced that lead singer Cormac Battle was actually the little one from Westlife, then when he started with cheery Irish banter I started checking my ticket thinking I had come to the wrong gig. The band then promptly opened with their recently released single TAKE ME HOME and all was well again. The song is certainly their strongest and you can see why they released it, but because it is their strongest it made most of the subsequent songs sound weaker. But without being too negative TAKE ME HOME is a good effort if a little run of the mill, but it is a grower and worth buying.

If you like the lighter end of neo-punk then Wilt is very much for you. Despite a few technical problems that Battle repeatedly called out for tech. op. Chris to sort out, Wilt are a good act. They work a crowd well without being arrogant or overly pretentious, which gives a more real and natural performance.

The set could do with being a little tighter but all in all they do have the potential to rise above their current level. Some punchier lyric writing is needed, add in some meatier guitar riffs as well and they could be on to a winner. By the end of the gig I did want someone to take me home, (please excuse the pun on the single title). But Wilt need a little bit more polish on their material, because at the moment they just seem to be in the league of a decent support act, not the headliner.