Early Days (2018)

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Early Days

Phase9.tv Short Film Showcase

Early Days (2018)

Stars: Maimie McCoy, Adrian Bower, Peter Wight
Director: Nessa Wrafter
Writer: Nessa Wrafter
Running Time: 12 mins
Country: UK

Short Film Review by EDF

Early Days explores what it is like for a new mother and her relationship to her newborn baby.

We follow Kate (Maimie McCoy) who feels very much out of sorts with her body and out of step with everyone around her. Guests call while she is breastfeeding, her partner Steve (Adrian Bower) takes her baby to show off to the guests but Kate fears that Steve will drop her. Kate feels that she will do anything to protect her baby but with ongoing hallucinations and postnatal trauma, how will she pull herself back to reality?

This is a subject matter that is rarely touched on in the way this short film successfully does. Even though this is shot and edited at a gentle pace, you are drawn into Kate’s situation.

There are no wild soap opera dramatics going on here which is why the performances are believable. The script has a way of opening your eyes to the emotions and thoughts of having what was a part of a pregnant woman now living and breathing in the big wide world.