Lost Face (2016)

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Lost Face

Phase9.tv Short Film Showcase

Lost Face (2016)

Stars: Gerald Auger, Martin Dubreuil, Morris Birdyellowhead, Daryl Benson
Director: Sean Meehan
Writers: Jack London (story by), Sean Meehan (adaptation)
Running Time: 14 mins
Country: Australia, Canada

Short Film Review by EDF

Based on a Jack London short story and adapted by writer director Sean Meehan, a group of Russian fur thieves in Russian America, are captured by the local tribe and slowly tortured one by one.

The cries of pain forces the last of the Russians, Subienkow (Martin Dubreuil), to reveal that he possess the knowledge of a strange medicine. When applied to the skin, this medicine will turn the skin hard as a rock, making it impervious to any weapon. In return, the tribe will let Subienkow go but will the tribe keep their promise if the medicine works?

The production value on this short film is of a very high standard. You feel as though this could easily be a side story from Dances With Wolves or The Revenant. The characters are believable and the story is engaging, even if you are not sure where the story is heading.