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Do you really think you’ve seen every action movie that’s worth watching? If so, think again. On Netflix, you can find all kinds of small indie thrillers, semi-obscure international flicks, direct-to-video treasures, and low-budget gorefests. Many of them you haven’t seen. Some, you’ve never even heard of.

Low-budget, direct-to-video action flicks are far from a dying art. Just ask Scott Adkins and Jesse V. Johnson. Over the past 15 years, the martial artist and stuntman-turned-director have turned out nearly a dozen savagely violent action movies, and naturally, Adkins and Johnson’s latest collaboration, Avengement, is their best yet.

In the film, Adkins stars as Cain, a former martial artist who’d teamed up with his criminal brother, only to get stabbed in the back. A seven year stint at England’s most dangerous prison pushed Cain to his limits, and now that he’s out, he’ll do whatever it takes to track his brother down and get revenge. God help anyone who gets in his way.

If Avengement turns out to be your kind of thing, Netflix has a whole bunch of other Adkins and Johnson joints too, meaning titles like Savage Dog, The Debt Collector, and Triple Threat are just a few clicks away.

Watch the video for more hidden action gems on Netflix you need to watch!

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Avengement | 0:17
Beyond Skyline | 1:05
Revenger | 2:10
Gridlocked | 3:21
Haywire | 4:21
Jailbreak | 5:17
Kickboxer: Retaliation | 6:11
The Night Comes for Us | 7:08
Wheelman | 7:50
The Flying Guillotine | 9:07

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