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Set within the nasty world of arms dealers and drug traffickers, Extraction follows a mercenary named Tyler Rake who’s been tasked with recovering a kidnapped boy — a boy who’s unwittingly become the pawn in an ongoing battle between local drug lords. Avengers: Endgame helmers Anthony and Joe Russo produced the high-octane flick from a script written by Joe, and they even brought along one of their mightiest heroes, Chris Hemsworth, to star.

Extraction also features a supporting cast that features some familiar faces. Stranger Things fans will of course immediately recognize David Harbour’s mug, but we’re betting many viewers will also be trying to place the face of the woman who portrays Rake’s handler, Nik.

That’s Iranian-born actor Golshifteh Farahani. Having played lead roles in critically acclaimed international movies like 2011’s Chicken with Plums and 2009’s About Elly, she’s steadily becoming a rising star in the world of film. Here’s why she looks so familiar.

Over the course of the last decade, horror movie lovers have been treated to no end of films about undead, reanimated masses laying waste to humanity and running amok in a post-apocalyptic landscape, so much so, that the zombie genre itself has become a bit stale in recent years. But every now and again, a zombie flick turns up that takes a bold new approach to the subject and breathes new life into the realm of z-fiction. While Dominique Rocher’s 2018 stunner The Night Eats the World didn’t reinvent the zombie genre, it brought a lot of fresh energy to the mix. And although she wasn’t in the film long, Golshifteh Farahani definitely made an impression.

Set in modern day Paris, the film follows the travails of Sam, who, after a night of heavy partying, wakes to find the city overrun with flesh-eating ghouls and virtually no sign of human life left. With no other option, he barricades himself inside and tries to make a go of the apocalypse solo. Of course, surviving the end times on your own is far from easy, and Sam quickly begins to spiral into a darkness he may not emerge from. His fortunes seemingly change for the better with the unexpected arrival of Sarah, another survivor. Portrayed by Farahani, Sarah tries her best to make Sam see his situation in a different light.

If you’ve seen the film, you’ll recognize her immediately. And if you haven’t, well, it’s definitely worth a watch.

The Night Eats the World | 0:49
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales | 1:57
The Upside | 2:49
Paterson | 3:27
Body of Lies | 4:22

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Why Nik From Extraction Looks So Familiar | Netflix

A hardened mercenary’s mission becomes a soul-searching race to survive when he’s sent into Bangladesh to rescue a drug lord’s kidnapped son.