Ozark’s third season review – Last fight of Marty Byrde

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Ozark’s new season has a magical ending. Before the ending, the casino is open for business. Marty and Wendy are in disagreement over the fate of the family. Byrde wants to preserve the current state of affairs while Wendy Byrde wants growth. Wendy’s brother, Ben Davis, appears. He has lost his job as a substitute teacher. At first, he is a nice uncle to the children and starts having a romantic relationship with Ruth. Because of the medication that Ben takes to manage his life with bipolar disorder, he is unable to perform sexually. He stops taking meds and loses control. At some point he goes to Helen’s house and in front of her daughter tells what Wendy, Marty and she does for Mexican Navarro. Helen, who was trying to protect her daughter from finding this out, decides that Ben must die. Wendy tries to save him but has to give up. At the end of the season, Omar orders Nelson to kill Helen.

The fourth season is already ordered and will be aired in 2021.

Marty and Wendy are all alone and now they have to improve the performance of casinos. Genius Marty sees success through the biggest casino brand in Missouri state. In the third season, we have seen his family’s trying to buy as many local casino venues as they could. Marty is ready to transform his casino empire. Fans believe that Marty will try to open digital casino business too. Ozark’s writers will use the real-life prototype of casino online games. Marty wants to climb new heights and digital casino games would be a big help for his empire. Through digital casino platforms, Marty would be able to transfer transactions easily and without the management of local authorities. The ending of the third season is very dangerous for Marty and Wendy’s empire. They are all alone now and fighting for personal and business brands could be problematic. Casino industry will have a big spot in the fourth season too and fans believe that Marty will be pressured to ‘fold cards’ during the season.

Critics say about the third season: “In some ways, this run of episodes is all about Wendy, whose new, flinty resolve scared her husband at the end of season two—and who is now putting that mettle to the ultimate stress test. The results are fascinatingly shaded; Wendy realizes she’s in perilously deep, while also digging in further. She’s horrified by the erosion of her ethics, while quietly thrilled by what’s possible once those bonds have been shaken off. This is the most that Linney has been allowed to tear into her character, and it’s thrilling to watch.” — Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair

‘Ozark’ lacks that brilliance that only a few achieve, but it continues to do more with each season, and always manages to solve with efficiency all the mishaps in which it puts its characters. — Mikel Zorrilla, Espinof.

Here is what happened in season 2:
Marty and Wendy had to bring together all their financial and political forces to build a casino. While the FBI and Navarro watched their every step, they thought a casino would be a relatively safe way to gain money. Charlotte, the older daughter of the Byrde family wants to leave the house but settles to stay if they go to therapy.
Marty joins forces with Kansas City and reaches the agreement to unionize casino but he pulls out of the deal. Kansas City Mafia’s boss Frank Cosgrove sends a bomb to Mary’s office. Marty barely escapes the explosion.

A bit about other characters:
Rachel Garrison, the owner of the Blue Cat Hotel was torn between Marty and Navarro on one hand and Agent Roy Petty on the other hand. She ended up telling Marty that she was wearing a wire. Rachel overdosed on the contaminated heroin that Roy Petty gave her. She survived. The pastor Mason’s wife was killed by Darlene. His life was basically already shattered when Child Protective Services took his baby Zeke away from him. He kidnapped Wendy and would only let her go on the condition of Marty bringing Zeke back. Marty shot Mason and Byrdes started to pretend that Zeke is their foster baby. Ruth’s father Cade Langmore killed Roy Petty during an argument that occurred on their fishing trip. Cade himself was killed by an associate of the Navarro.