Good Luck Chuck

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Movie Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Starring: Dane Cook, Jessica Alba, Crystal Lowe, Chiara Zanni, Caroline Ford
Director: Mark Helfrich

A romantic comedy or a gross out comedy? I’m not really sure. Even after having watched the film I couldn’t tell you which of the above describes this movie. The trouble is I don’t think the director really knew either and that’s the problem with this picture.

The story and the main joke in the film is that any woman who sleeps with Chuck will find and fall in love with her ideal man which will be the next guy she dates. Word of this gets around and before you know it Chuck has a bevy of beautiful girls lined up outside his door all wanting to sleep with him. So this ultimate male fantasy should be a good thing, right? Not for Chuck it seems as he is an idiot, sorry I mean thoughtful kind of guy and doesn’t want to take advantage of these hot babes. Eventually however he decides to do the dirty and indulge himself but then along comes true love in the form of screen beauty Jessica Alba. Chuck does everything not to sleep with her because he is an idiot, sorry I mean he doesn’t want to lose her to the next guy

GOOD LUCK CHUCK really is quite a funny film but the trouble is a movie with the number of gross out jokes this one has, just doesn’t mix well with the romantic comedy that this film also offers in equal helpings.

It wants to be AMERICAN PIE whilst acting like a chick flick so I found myself smiling more than laughing. Also Jessica Alba was pretty much just eye candy when she can clearly do much more. Have you ever seen TV’s DARK ANGEL?

GOOD LUCK CHUCK is good for a laugh or may be just a smile but I really wouldn’t recommend it as a date movie.

3 out of 6 stars