Amen – We Have Come For Your Parents

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Album Review by EDF

This album starts off with an almighty scream followed by crunching guitars. It should be a doodle to review this.

As far as heavy metal is concerned, there has not been anything new to come from the scene in years. Iron Maiden came back with a great album but nothing new there. Amen, in the meantime, plods their way through the tracks here turning their guitars up to 11 without achieving much.

Don’t get me wrong here but I do love heavy metal but there is nothing here that would excite me. The playing on all of the tracks is fast and furious while the vocalist has to shout / scream to get his point across.

WAITING 18 is probably the best track here as the song actually has structure and melody. Something you can jump around and sing to.

It is unfortunate that most of these songs deal with hate and a bit of cursing added for that old boring thing known as shock value. With tracks titled DEAD ON THE BIBLE, HERE’S THE POISON and UNGREATFUL DEAD, if you want to force someone to wake up, stick this album on.

1 star