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Album Review by EDF

On last count, there have been at least half a dozen Bryan Ferry and/or Roxy Music compilations. This is not knocking the music contained but that fact that the same few songs are repackaged with lesser well known ones. This compilation will only interest those who have none of these songs in their collection. As for the music within, let us see if it is worth your attention.

At the time when Roxy Music appeared, they sounded like no other artist, with the exception of David Bowie. They had a mad looking electronic wizard, Brian Eno, twisting the knobs, making noises that sounded alien. Unfortunately, Eno and Bryan Ferry just could not get along and Eno left within the first couple of years. Thanks to Ferry’s songwriting, the band continued on towards greater success.

Strangely enough, Ferry ran a solo carrier alongside his frontman duties for the band. While covers such as John Lennon’s JEALOUS GUY and Bob Dylan’s A HARD RAIN’S GONNA FALL showed off Ferry’s mastery at interpreting other peoples songs, Roxy Music’s own compositions and Ferry’s output from the 1980’s onwards turned Ferry into a suave lounge singer. Then again, there was no one like Bryan Ferry and David Bowie went off to reinvent himself many times over, sometimes with the help of Brian Eno. Funny how the world turns.

5 stars