Buffalo Tom – Asides 1988-1999

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Album Review by EDF

Covering six albums, this collection highlights what an exceptional undiscovered gem Buffalo Tom is. Formed in 1986, they released their first album three years later. Having moved to Boston, they found themselves in the company of other groups such as Dinosaur Jr, Lemonheads, the Pixies and many more. It would not be until 1999 when the group would break it into the UK singles chart with an excellent cover of the JAM’s ‘Going Underground’, which is included here.

Buffalo Tom record their tracks as live as it is possible and this comes across in this collection. On the excellent MINERAL there is a bit of feedback midway through the track. KITCHEN DOOR is a reflection back to their childhood. Interestingly enough, when the harmonica solo was recorded for this track, the producer was found on the floor, tears of laughter streaming down his face. The solo was left in as not to upset Chris Colbourn.

Buffalo Tom’s sound has evolved over the years. While parts of the early recordings sound like early REM with a heavy guitar sound, the later tracks have incorporated more keyboards to the music without compromising their early sound.

If you like guitar up front type groups, this is one for you. Not to be missed.

5 stars