Busted – A Present For Everyone

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Album Review by EDF

I will admit that Busted are not my favourite band in the world. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I think I’ve managed to save my job here. Busted’s popularity has not come as much of a surprise for anyone who used to like pop music. They write poppy tunes but the fact that they claim to be punk is enough for a rabid Johnny Rotten to seek out the boys and unleash his venom. In the meantime, we are treated to an album full of what comes across as a look into a teenager’s diary.

The opening AIR HOSTESS is poppy, fun and has the puzzling rhyming couplet “I messed my pants when we flew over France”. Sounds like it’s back to the potty school for someone. CRASHED THE WEDDING is a “not so excellent” inspiration from a scene in WAYNE’S WORLD 2. The discovery of a cheating girlfriend in WHO’S DAVID should really be more angst ridden for these young pups but the track comes out like most of their other pop-rock tracks. SHE WANTS TO BE ME is similar to the SINGLE WHITE FEMALE storyline where psycho girlfriend turns into her boyfriend.

3AM is about relationship problems and Busted’s approach turns into angst-pop. Oh look, I’ve just come up with a new pop genre. After that the rest of the album was a bit of a haze. I had a time trying to even recollect what I had just listened to. It might be that my brain erased the memory of the second half of the album in an attempt to save me. What can I say, I said I was not a fan and it is hard to find any redeeming points to this so-so album. The kids love it and that’s fine if you want to listen to two styles of songs disguised as a whole album.

2 stars