Clinic – The Second Line

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

Re-mixed and re-released, this is a new version of Clinic’s 1999 single, post-INTERNAL WRANGLER album. When it came out in it’s original form, it had NME hacks drooling into their cappuccinos.

Well, I have to say this version doesn’t sound much different from the original, but I stand by what I said before – you have to respect any band who would release something as chart-unfriendly as this as a single.

At under two and a half minutes, it is a (very) short shuffle through lo-fi distortion, a Beck/Moby-esque vocal mantra and an exhilarating blast of guitar noise 20 seconds before the end.

After support slots for the gigs of the year, Radiohead, and fellow bedroom rock (experi)mentalist Badly Drawn Boy netting the Mercury Music Prize, Clinic are in danger of becoming well-known.

Still, there’s a way to go before they’ll start bothering Britney or Boyzone.

4 stars