Clubland X-Treme Hardcore 4 – Various Artists

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“Hardcore ‘til I die!” is the shout out from the Clubland posse… They’re back with the fourth instalment of the massive Clubland X-treme Hardcore series. Hardcore legends Styles & Breeze step up to mix one CD each, with a bonus third CD of tracks and remixes from hardcore superstar, Hixxy! Full of exclusive tracks and rare remixes, this is three CDs of the biggest, baddest hardcore tunes on the planet!

Following on from the hugely successful Clubland X-treme Hardcore 3, this gigantic triple album delivers an unbelievable 53 massive hardcore anthems. Darren Styles kicks things off with a blazing DJ mix including some of the biggest names in hardcore, like Dougal & Gammer “Don’t Stop Go” and Re-Con “Beating of The Drum (Can You Feel It)”. Styles turns up the heat with his huge remix of Nalin & Kane feat. Alex Prince “Cruising (Beachball 06)” and the scorching tune Styles & Squad-E ‘Party People’. This mix is designed to fire up the party.

The hardcore madness continues as Breeze takes over and delivers an unforgettable set. All the names are here like, Mickey Modelle feat Jessy ‘Dancing In The Dark’ (Breeze & UFO mix), Re-Con ‘Save The Rave’ and Styles & Breeze ‘Do You Want Me Honey’ (Force & Ritmen Xtreme Mix). This is a mix that pushes the party pedal to the floor.

Don’t even think about taking a break! If you’re still standing then you’re ready for Hixxy and his collection of exclusives and remixes. Compiled especially for Clubland X-treme Hardcore, this bonus CD is as hardcore as it gets! Hixxy teams up with biggest names in the scene to give you the biggest tunes you’ll need. Including slammin’ tracks like Hixxy Dougal & Gammer ‘Phaze 2 Phaze’, Hixxy & Re-Con ‘Need Your Loving’ and Hixxy, Sy & Unknown ‘Be The One’, not to mention massive remixes like the Hixxy Sy & Unknown remix of Ultrabeat & Darren Styles ‘Sure Feels Good.

CD1 – Mixed by Darren Styles
Darren Styles & Francis Hill – Come Running
Dougal & Gammer –Don’t Stop Go
Darren Styles Vs Hypasonic  – Baby I’ll Let You Know
Re-Con – Beating Of The Drum (Can You Feel It)
Nalin & Kane feat. Alex Prince – Cruising (Beachball 06) (Ds Mix)
Hypasonic Vs Jorg Schmidt – Doesn’t Matter (Squad-E Mix)
Darren Styles & Whizzkid  – Girlfriend
Gammer – Rippin’
Darren Styles feat. Andrea Britton – Show Me The Sunshine
Sy & Unknown feat. Lou Lou – Hands Of Time
Styles & Squad-E – Party People
D:Code feat. Emma – Like I Feel (Squad-E Mix)
Ultrabeat Vs Darren Styles – Paradise & Dreams
Darren Styles – Jealous (Specialist Sound Mix)
Dougal & Gammer – Wii Go Crazy
Darren Styles feat. Junior – I Need You (Sy & Unknown)
Darren Styles & Francis Hill – Light Of My Life
Sy & Unknown feat. Emily Reed  – Love For Life

CD2 – Mixed by Breeze
SHM – You And Me (Breeze Mix)
Paradise – See The Light (Styles & Breeze Mix)
Micky Modelle feat. Jessy – Dancing In The Dark (Breeze & UFO Mix)
Breeze vs Lost Witness – Rise Again (Sy & Unknown Mix)
Manian feat. Aila – Heaven (Breeze Mix)
Re-Con – Save The Rave
M&C feat. Rebecca Rudd – Magic Touch (Squad-E Mix)
Breeze vs Unique – Sometimes
Styles & Breeze – Electric (Specialist Sound Mix)
Katie Jewels – Burning Love (Breeze Mix)
GSDX – The Dream (Breeze Mix)
DJ Demand – Dark & Light (Re-Con Mix)
Styles & Breeze – Come With Me (Unique Mix)
Breeze & Ritmen – If I Were You
Breeze & UFO feat Vikki Fee – Maybe
Breeze & Ritmen – Don’t Go Away
Styles & Breeze – Do You Want Me Honey (Force & Ritmen Xtreme Mix)
Breeze & UFO – Filthy

CD3 – Hixxy Bonus disc
Hixxy feat. Taya – Take Me To Heaven
Hixxy, Dougal & Gammer – Phaze 2 Phaze
Frisco – Sea Of love (Hixxy Remix)
Hixxy & Re-con – Need Your Loving
Hixxy – Time Comes (Sy & Unknown Remix)
Starstylerz feat. Michy – Keep On Moving (Hixxy Remix)
Hixxy, Sy & Unknown –  Be The One
Hixxy – New Day
Hixxy & Re-con – Dance With Me
Hixxy, Dougal & Gammer – Dark Skies
Hixxy – Perfect World
Hixxy, Sy & Unknown – The ‘C’ Commander
Hixxy & Re-con – Love Comes Version 1.1
Hixxy feat. L.O.L – Love Leaves No Scar
Hixxy & Storm – Jump & Pump
Ultrabeat vs Darren styles – Sure Feels Good  (Hixxy, Sy & Unknown Remix)