David Gray – White Ladder

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Album Review by EDF

The fourth album from Manchester born David Gray is as honest an album as you are likely to get. Mostly recorded at his London flat with rumbling trucks passing by, Gray used his computer, sampler and acoustic guitar for most of the music.

The songs on this album have a basic sound and feel that makes each track stand out. From the opening track PLEASE FORGIVE ME to the single BABYLON, Gray uses his lyrics simply, and this brings out each songs emotion effectively that others fail to master. THIS YEAR’S LOVE, taken from the movie of the same name, tells us that he hopes the new love in his life will last. His cover of Soft Cell’s SAY HELLO WAVE GOODBYE is a stripped down acoustic affair that actually betters the original. And yes, I am a fan of the original version.

David Gray is definitely worth a look into, ask anyone living in Ireland. Why? It’s more than likely that they have a copy of this album. It was one of their top selling albums of 1999.

5 stars