Downforce – Tight

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Music Review by Natalie Homer

TIGHT, the first full length album by Ohio rockers DOWNFORCE is proof positive that classic rock albums are still being made. Strongly melodic and easy paced, I want to say this is MOR rock but that would imply a boring album; instead I’ll call it soft rock since it’s definitely on the mellow side.

With themes focusing on relationships, life and love, this is for the most part honest, good ole’ boy, down home rock n’roll; SURRENDER THE NIGHT (great bluesy guitar solo) and YOU’RE NOT THE YOU I KNEW stand out as the most tuneful and innovative but all of the songs will have you foot tapping with a beer in hand.

The band describes its music as “a busy intersection of sound from the last 4 decades.” I can definitely hear the influence of 70s rock through to 90s. Here’s to the next 4 decades.

DOWNFORCE originated in Orrville, Ohio in late 2005 comprised of Will Armentrout (vocals, guitar), Greg Butcher (drums), Mark O’Connor (bass, keys), Brian Shemenski, and John Shields. Soon after, Brian and John stepped down and were replaced by Chuck Rowe on lead guitar.

3 stars