Empire State Human – Christmas Long Gone (EP)

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EP review by EDF

Empire State Human - Christmas Long GoneTaking their name from a Human League track, Empire State Human release their new EP entitled Christmas Long Gone.

The title track is the only one that features vocals from Aidan Casserly, who hauntingly remembers Christmas past, “see the memory freeze”, accompanied by a pulsating bass and a sparse melody line that evocates influences of Kraftwerk, early Human League and OMD. You can almost hear the spaces in between the notes. The instrumental tracks “Humanoid”, “Fathoms” and “Solar Trips At Night” could easily feature in movies such as Drive, The Guest and TV Shows like Stranger Things. They would sound great on headphones while you are out and about. The CD features an extra track, “Digital Blue”.

5 out of 6 stars

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