Full – Dimstar

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Album Review by EDF

Now things are starting to get interesting. Full are a US six-piece that flirt within the avant-garde, rock, funk and jazz genres to very interesting results. Armed with drifting vocal harmonies, vibraphones, trumpets, cello and a few other surprises, this is one of the more intriguing albums I have ever reviewed.

ONE/0/7 comes over like a movie with a lot of cuts and shaky camera work; it takes a lot to keep up with this and other multi-layered tracks. You could be lead to believe that this is what tripping is like without taking any illegal substances. The minimalist lyrics and vocals from Ms Wings suit the music the rest of the band produces. It would be quite easy to compare them to the likes of an experimental Radiohead but luckily Full are more interesting than that. They hold nothing back in the way of musical expression and while each instrument seems to go off in different directions, there is something mature about their approach, making their music sound convincing and compelling.

This will not be to a lot of people’s taste and that is to be expected. Full have managed to create their own sound that will find them a loyal fan base but will not do them any favours in trying to break into the mainstream.

4 stars