No Doubt – Return Of Saturn

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Album Review by Nigel Messenger

Yes, No Doubt are back with what is no doubt (excuse the pun) their best album to date.

The band have well and truly matured (musically) and come a long way from their Orange County beginnings in 1986, as s ska-group.

The album contains everything from love songs to songs questioning life, SIX FEET UNDER is about the cycle of life, while BATH WATER is, according to Tom, the most No Doubt song because it is so different. That is really why this album is so difficult to describe, because of the band’s totally original sound and not just a copy of so many other bands that are around currently.

Two of the tracks SIMPLE KIND OF LIFE and SUSPENSE WITHOUT SUSPENSE were written by lead singer Gwen, who is now even more gorgeous than ever.

There is only one word that springs to mind to describe this album, brilliant, play it once and you’ll want to play it again and again.

6 stars