Onomatopea – Onomatopea

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Album Review by EDF

Onomatopea, a word that imitates sounds from everyday life, is what singer / songwriter Delia Lyn from San Francisco and bassist / producer Andy Pietropaolo from Rome have rightly decided to call themselves. Setting up base in Italy, Lyn’s freestyle vocal work could be, at time’s, best compared to Bjork, while Pietropaolo’s musical influences range from funk to reggae but on this particular release jazz is the more predominant style due to Pietropaolo’s love of bass.

DREAMIN’ ABOUT YOU, an uplifting Latino style track, complete with a brilliant bass solo is evidence of the level of musicianship and variety displayed. The theme of the track refers to leaving the baggage of pain and guilt behind and then receiving the power of light and love. “In trying times I’ll keep you strong” is the main message expressed in LUCKY CHARM. The mellow DREAMING has two versions on the album, one’s an extended version, and it is hard to decide which one is better.

CHANGE, a vocally soaring performance by Lyn, will have some people baffled as to whether this track should be classed as jazz. The longest track is the near nine-minute YOU’RE SO WILD, which best shows how well this duo can construct a song without compromising quality.

INFINITE BURNING, for anyone who knows Lyn’s background, is probably the most autobiographical track on this album. Closing the album is CHANT OF THE MIGRATING SOUL that takes you on a journey where strange poetry is mixed with even stranger instrumentation and melody. Jim Morrison and the Doors would have been proud.

Once again here are talented musicians who are not signed to a major record label, but have constantly proved that they can produce interesting, original and inspiring music compared to bigger artists who often fall into a rut after a short spell. The likes of Onomatopea and other artists featured in the Independent section of this website are, believe it or not, the future of music. It might not be to everybody’s liking but at least there is a variety of choice on offer.

5 stars