Outloud Dreamer – Drink The Sky

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Album Review by EDF

When do you replace the old with the new? When the new, lesser known acts sound as professional and even at times better than the originals. Coming in with a mixture of Dido / Beth Orton style vocals, Morcheeba and musically mixed with a pinch of Portishead (whatever happened to them) Outloud Dreamer have a lot to answer for with this bold mix. With a surprisingly enjoyable and professional result, Outloud Dreamer should be happy with what they’ve come up with.

Outloud Dreamer is Sarah Medenbach on vocals and piano and Carl Adami who produced and performed just about every other instrument featured on the album. As a song-writing duo, their aim is “to create memorable music to move the masses”.

BREAK THROUGH, a song that brings up images of summer with its plea for the clouds to part so that the sun will be able to break through, is a metaphor for one’s love to shine. Tracks such as REACH AND HUNGER have a pleasant organic sound, which has more to do with Adami’s musicianship and production.

The unfortunate thing about this album is that at times it sounds too chilled-out for mainstream radio but will probably be picked up by specialist radio stations. I am not trying to say that this is a Chill-Out album in any sort of way. In fact, if Dido’s success is anything to go by, there is an audience for this music and in a way it would be nice to see Outloud Dreamer gain some success from this excellent album.

5 stars