Paul Van Dyk – Reflections

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Album Review by Henri Roe

A little disappointed would put it mildly about what I thought of this album. The fact that some are predicting this album will be as successful as his last album is somewhat unbelievable. None of his tracks was able to captivate me as his others and this attempt cannot match up to the more dynamic releases of its predecessor.

Three of the tracks have been played by PVD in his various sets over the past year. He does do a lot of experimenting in this album, from a hip-hop track, KNOWLEDGE feat. DJ Tomekk to getting a glimpse of Paul’s voice on THAT’S LIVE.

The main problem with this album is that the tracks seem to have no connection with each other, as if they have just been thrown together in the hope that a spark is created. Also there are no mixes between tracks, just plain old-cuts and some listeners could be turned off with this fact.

On a good point there are some good tracks TIME OF OUR LIVES feat. Vega 4 is a good example of this. But unfortunately the good tracks are definitely overshadowed by the others, especially the last track, KALEIDOSCOPE, which is a pretty weak one to end on.

Feel free to give it a listen, it’s only my thoughts and indeed you may like it, but this album just didn’t do anything for me.

1 star