Placebo – Taste In Men

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

An industrial rhythm kicks off the song for a few seconds and then Brian Molko’s unmistakable voice starts up and you forget Placebo had been away at all. The band have got steadily better over time, and this new single takes them in a new, improved direction.

I guess hanging out with Marilyn Manson and having EBM masters BioTek cover your songs has given Molko and pals the urge to get heavier and funkier. Considering the band’s only a three-piece, this is a very pleasing racket indeed: searing guitars, rumbling bass and multi-layered drums that all go haywire somewhere around the middle of the song.

Even Molko’s typically nasal Yank-accented tranny vocals sound kinda cool with music this good behind them. Let’s hope the new album’s as punchy as this.

5 stars