Rammstein – Mutter

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

Rammstein’s third studio album sees the German industrial metallers evolve from the pulsing beats and chainsaw guitars of HERZELEID and SEHNSUCHT and widen the scope of their sound even further.

From the orchestral bombast of “Kashmir”-style strings of opener MIEN HERZ BRENNT to the soaring operatics of first single SONNE, this is an album that delivers truckload of thrills time and time again.

ICH WILL, FEUER FREI! ADIOS and current single LINKS 234 all provide the guitar equivalent of a juggernaut with its brakes cut, while the haunting title track, twinklingly melodic SPIELUHR and closing weepie NEBEL show that Rammstein have more to their musical arsenal than pure muscle. Even Till Lindemann’s gutteral vocals have broadened their scope, as the catchy soaring chorus of ZWITTER clearly demonstrates.

Not only is MUTTER Rammstein’s most accessible work to date, it also manages to come close to evoking some of the energy of their legendary live shows.

In short, spectacular.

6 stars