Reinterpretations – Various Artists

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Album Review by EDF

Sometimes remix albums seem like a good idea, other times they are not. Take this remix album inspired by the works of Kitaro as an example – somehow it works. Why does it work? It works due to the fact that a lot of the western world has not heard of Kitaro before. This Japanese composer and musician has won Grammy’s and Golden Globe awards for his work and now this REINTERPRETATIONS album will open his music up to a new audience that will appreciate his sonic melodies.

It would be hard not to compare Kitaro with Jean Michel Jarre. The difference between them is that there is more depth and space in Kitaro’s music and thankfully the remixers have paid respect to these compositions. The way the melodies are written seem to somehow promote a message of peace and spirituality. It also helps that the remix beats used are somewhere in between chill-out and dance territory. Just stick this album on your player and experience the world with a fresh perspective.

6 stars